Leadership Team

Lyndale Secondary College has a team of experienced leaders.

  • Mark Moir, Principal
  • Pam Robinson, Assistant Principal
  • Brian Snashall-Woodhams, Assistant Principal

Supporting our Principal team are 9 Leading Teachers.

  • Jonathan MacLellan – Director of Curriculum
  • Kristianna Davis – Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Emma Holmes – Director of Mathematics/Numeracy
  • Kalli  Ioannou – Director of English/Literacy
  • Ana Finlay – Director of Student Engagement and Wellbeing
  • Steven Rault – Director of Performing Arts
  • William Hollingworth – Director of Senior Sub school
  • Shaun French – Director of Middle Sub School
  • Robyn Stanton – Professional Learning Leader

This group of experienced and professional teachers make up our Leadership Team at Lyndale Secondary College.

Our Student Leaders are also integral to the College. Our Leaders support and enjoy the challenge of learning and working together.