Active Girls Club

The Active Girls Club is yet another initiative of Lyndale Secondary College that gives students the opportunity to experience various activities out of the classroom environment. It is a club that was set up specifically for girls from Years Seven to Twelve to give them the chance to participate once a week in a variety of fun and motivating activities in a safe environment.

The girls are exposed to a range of activities that they might not otherwise have the chance to experience. Pilates anyone? Or maybe Yoga is more your thing…………or badminton, tennis, weight training, aerobics, basketball…….or even power walking! The list is endless.

The Club is run by two experienced Physical Education Teachers, yet it is by no means set up to run in the same manner as a “Phys Ed’ class. The emphasis is on the word “Club” – a group of girls, having the time of their lives whilst being healthy and ACTIVE.

The Active Girls Club runs for the entire school year, and at the end of the year each girl receives a Certificate of Achievement, as well as the knowledge and pride of “having a go” at activities that are often new to them. We are very proud of our girls, and are always on the lookout for new members!