Chess at Lyndale Seconday College

Research shows the following benefits of Chess:

  1. It can raise your IQ
  2. It exercises both sides of the brain
  3. It improves your memory
  4. It increases problem-solving skills
  5. It grows brain cells

Students at Lyndale have the opportunity to gain all of these advantages by joining the Chess Club takes place once a week with students from all year levels and of all abilities having the opportunity to complete in friendly games to improve their skills and chess techniques. The College enters teams in the Victorian Schools Chess Competition. Zone competitions take place twice a year and ranked players have the opportunity to compete in the Victorian Schools Chess Championships. For the past 3 years Lyndale has had both individuals and a team compete in the Victorian Championships with our students and team finishing in the top third of the state. The Lyndale Knock-Out Chess Championship also takes place in Term 3 to crown the Lyndale Chess Champion.