Medications at School

As part of Lyndale Secondary College’s duty of care, prescribed medications may be stored and administered in the First Aid Room whilst your child is at school.

All prescribed medications must be clearly labelled with:

  • Child’s name and Date of Birth
  • Year Level
  • Name of Medication
  • Instruction of dosage, including times to be administered and duration of course.

All details will be entered into the School Medication Register and students will access their medication in the First Aid Room.

Please be aware that sometimes circumstances beyond our control may interfere with the correct time of administration of your child’s medication. In these situations we will endeavour to administer the medication as soon as is practicable, unless otherwise directed.

To assist us please complete the Medications form and return it, together with your child’s medication. A new form will need to be filled out on each occasion your child requires medication, forms are available from the office.