Sports: A Lyndale Tradition

Sports flagsSince Peter Renkin was appointed as the inaugural Sports Master in 1962, sport has always been a significant feature at Lyndale.

The arrival of international teachers in 1974 brought experiences from the UK and USA that set the wheels in motion for expansion of sport at Lyndale. They quickly built on the existing program; introducing skills based Education lessons and providing access to numerous individual sports through dedicated involvement in interschool sport – a revolution in schools at the time.

Students’ enduring eagerness to participate, especially in lunchtime and after school training sessions, has been the primary component of the sports program since the mid 1970’s. With well over half of the student population getting involved in sporting teams, this participation is a key factor of Lyndale enjoying many successes.

The Sports program at Lyndale gives the students a sense of ‘belonging’ through camaraderie and also the struggle for excellence that is consistently sought. This unique team spirit has always allowed our students to gain great confidence from their sporting involvement, which supports their involvement in other programs throughout the College, but more importantly, has a positive effect on their studies and academic results.

Whilst there are tremendous examples of students enjoying their time and success on the sporting arena, Lyndale has revelled in State competitions, picking up Premiership and Runners Up titles in Track and Field, Badminton, AFL, Soccer, Table Tennis, Baseball, Cross Country, Swimming and Diving, Basketball and Netball over the years.
As a result of this, we attract students from all over and beyond the Greater Dandenong area, eager to be a part of the sporting program at Lyndale Secondary College.

As we reflect on the tremendous spirit that the students have and continue to exhibit in all of their sporting endeavours, it is glaringly evident the way all Lyndale athletes – both past and present – are positive, reliable, committed, humble, and forever generously supportive of their teammates.

It is these qualities that have been a hallmark of Lyndale’s unique and successful sporting tradition.