Uniform Requirements

Lyndale School Uniform Guide for Printing.pdf

Lyndale Secondary College Student Uniform Policy/Dress Code

The uniform is supplied by Primary School Wear (PSW) who carry a list detailing all aspects of the uniform requirements (uniform price list is able to be collected at front office of School). The School Council asks that you support the School uniform policy from the time your child leaves home to their return.


To assist with providing a safe environment for students both within the school as well as on excursions, all students must wear the approved College uniform. The reason for this is that it makes it possible to readily identify our students as well as those who are not part of our community and to enable them to safely participate in College activities.

The correct wearing of uniform also adds to the students’ sense of belonging to the college community and encourages the students to develop a sense of pride in the school.

When all students wear the College uniform it promotes the development of a sense of egalitarianism, so that all students can feel equal within the College. The provision of a College uniform also makes it cheaper for parents to provide appropriate and durable clothing for their children to wear to school.

Summer Uniform (Terms 1 and 4)

Girls Boys
• Lyndale SC summer dress • Grey school trousers or grey school shorts
• Shorts or grey stretch trousers with white cotton school shirt with logo or white cotton long sleeve shirt and school tie • White cotton short sleeve shirt with logo or white cotton long sleeve shirt and school tie
• Lyndale SC blazer • Lyndale SC blazer
• Lyndale SC jumper • Lyndale SC jumper
• White knee high/ankle socks (stockings are not to be worn with the summer dress) • Grey ankle socks or short plain grey socks
• Female students wearing a hi-jab may wear black tights/stockings under their summer dress

Winter Uniform (Terms 2 and 3)

Girls Boys
• Lyndale SC winter skirt, or grey stretch trousers • Grey school trousers or grey school long grey school trousers
• White cotton school shirt with logo or white cotton long sleeve shirt and school tie • White long sleeve shirt and school tie
• Lyndale SC blazer • Lyndale SC blazer
• Lyndale SC jumper • Lyndale SC jumper
• Black knee high socks or black stockings • Short plain Grey or White Socks
• Black T-Bar or Black Leather Lace Up Shoes • Black Leather Lace Up School Shoes


Uniform range for 2015 onwards.

Uniform range for 2015 onwards.

P.E. UNIFORM – Boys and Girls

• Lyndale SC V-neck Polo shirt

• Black sports shorts

• Black tracksuit pants with College name

• White Socks

• Sports Sneakers

Runners must be worn in the stadium at all

This is compulsory for Years 7 to 12. When Students have PE/Sport in Period 4, the complete PE uniform may be worn home. 

The College Blazer is available to purchase from


PSW Pty Ltd
Unit 1, 9-11 South Link,
Ph: 8768 7490


In line with the rationale outlined above, the only items of jewellery which may be worn with the College uniform are:

  • a watch
  • College badges of office
  • a maximum of two small plain studs or small sleepers per ear for students with pierced ears
  • no visible body piercing (including facial piercings) Due to health and safety issues, we strongly encourage parents to support the College rule in this matter. Recent piercings may be covered by a bandaid until healed and then must be removed while in attendance at the college.

The College reserves the right to require students to remove watches, badges or studs in circumstances where there is a perceived health or safety risk. Where jewellery has been confiscated, students will be required to retrieve it from the Level co-ordinators office at the end of the school day.


Cosmetic make-up including nail polish and acrylic nails are not part of College uniform. Students wearing cosmetic make-up will be required to remove it.


  • Hair styles and colouring must be as natural as possible.

Students with extreme hair styles, cuts and colouring will be instructed to alter them immediately. In consultation with parents/guardians, students will not return to school until an accepted alteration has been completed. Students are required to be clean shaven.


  • Single Colour –black or white


College hats are optional uniform items for outdoor use only. College Council has approved a Baseball Cap with the School Logo


  • Charcoal in colour



Plain black leather Lace Up school shoes


Plain black leather Lace Up school shoes or T-Bars

• We will not accept Platform, Buckle, Soft-Slip, Skate Board shoes, Boots, Runners, Sneakers, Suede or Suede Leather Shoes.

• Shoes must be sturdy and ensure safety. School shoes must have a low heel.

• Parents should not automatically assume that all footwear that is black and leather is acceptable. When in doubt please contact the College for clarification prior to purchasing.

• The following is an extract from the “Code of Safety Practices for Secondary Schools”.

• “Suitable footwear must be worn at all times in Practical areas. Such footwear must be in good condition, and the tops must be fully enclosed”. The following are examples of the ACCEPTABLE SHOES are listed below on this page.


The College recommends WILLIAMS as they are familiar with the College requirements for school shoes.

Local stores are located at Waverley Gardens and Dandenong Plaza shopping centres.

Boy’s Shoes


Colorado Jasper II

Brand: Colorado Jasper II

• Black
• Sizes 6-13
• Multi-fit
• Leather Lace up
• Polyurethane outsole

Available from Williams the Shoeman


Colorodo Adam

Brand: Colorodo Adam

• Black
• Sizes 6-13
• Multi-fit
• Leather Lace up
• Acid Resistant Sole
Available from Williams the Shoeman

Girls’s Shoes


Lynx Victory Snr

Brand: Lynx Victory Snr

  • Black
  • Sizes 6 ½ -11
  • Leather Lace up
  •  Multi-fit

Available from Williams the Shoeman.


Harrison Indiana

Brand: Harrison Indiana

  • Black
  •  Sizes 3 -9
  •  Leather upper
  •  Adjustable buckle

Myer and David Jones stock Harrison Indiana

What is NOT acceptable dress at Lyndale Secondary College:

  •  Wearing non – LSC jumpers, jackets or coats, caps in the classroom or corridors
  • Jeans or leggings
  • Boots, Basketball style shoes, thongs, platform or high-heeled shoes
  • Hairstyles should not be extreme and must be of a naturally occurring colour. No facial hair is permitted. Students are to be clean shaven
  • Make up, if worn, should be subtle to the point of being unnoticeable.
  • Nail polish must be clear only
  • No visible jewellery may be worn with the exception of a watch and a pair of sleepers or studs in the ears only
  • No other facial/body piercing is permitted
  • Tattoos must not be visible at any time
  • Mobile phones and earphones are to be kept in lockers at all times

Safeguarding your property

The College reserves the right to make alterations to the Student Appearance rules and Uniform specifications listed above as necessary from time to time.