Student Engagement & Wellbeing

Lyndale Secondary School places a high emphasis on student engagement and wellbeing and offers a vast array of programs and services to support our students. We recognise that student engagement and wellbeing cannot be separated from student learning and understand that for students to maximise their academic potential they need to feel safe, happy and be connected to and engaged in their school lives. The Wellbeing Team oversees the school wellbeing programs and co-ordinate referrals. Our support network includes DEECD Psychologists, a school based Psychologist, a School Community nurse and two counsellors who are available to see students at the school.

Student Engagement

Lyndale Secondary College is committed to engaging our young people with their school and their education through a variety of programs which support our students to attend school, participate in class and enjoy learning. It is stressed to the school community that involvement by parents and students in the ‘non-academic’ aspects of the school will significantly contribute to the students’ academic success. At Lyndale we believe in the development of the whole child and a philosophy of ‘more than just marks’ is stressed. We work collaboratively with our community networks to build student resiliency and both the academic and the co-curricular programs are designed to promote students’ learning and engagement.

These include:

  • An extensive selection of VCE Units and VET subjects
  • Differentiated extension units (subject-based units and VELS cross-discipline units) at years 9 & 10
  • The development of individual student learning goals with form teachers and student learning coordinators for targeted students
  • Numeracy and literacy support programs and cross-age mentoring
  • Year level handbooks, faculty handbooks and faculty websites that provide details on subject-related and School-related extension activities
  • Student wellbeing support services – counsellors, psychologists, school nurse and Year Level Coordinators
  • Pastoral support through form teachers and Year Level coordinators at each year level
  • Extensive computer and technology facilities
  • Careers and work experience programs
  • Extensive music programs, with opportunities for students to learn an instrument and to be involved in many different ensembles
  • Theatre performances, including theatre sports, theatre studies and plays, and the annual Start Search and bi annual musical
  • An extensive student leadership program that offers over 70 official leadership positions and opportunities to attend leadership seminars
  • A wide ranging sport program with over 30 different sports
  • International student program and overseas and interstate trips
  • Guest speakers at assemblies
  • An extensive house system – athletics, swimming, cross country, football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball
  • Social events, such as, the Year 11 Presentation Ball, Year 12 formal and the valedictory dinner
  • A Young Muslim Women’s committee – represents and supports the integration of new students from the English Language School
  • The Lyndale Peer Support program is part of the year 7 transition into college life. This program runs by trained year 10 leaders who work with groups of year 7 students in the first two terms of the school year. Peer Support provides students with a small supportive environment that allows them to learn more about Lyndale S C.
  • Lyndale promotes responsible use of social media and internet use through our Cyber Safety program

All students are involved in the Lyndale Supportive Relationships policy through a range of activities that promote and collectively develop our commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for all members of the community. Relationships are at the core of everything we do at LSC and we use Restorative Practices for behaviour management and conflict resolution.

Lunchtime activities

  • The Robotics club meets regularly to explore the building and programming of robots.
  • There is a Lyndale Films Makers club that produces films which go on to be entered into film competitions.
  • The music room is alive with students practicing music, some lunchtimes with band performances.
  • The Library is open to students for study, computer use and reading.
  • The Gym is open to students engaged in the many sporting competitions. Highlights are student’s vs teachers events in soccer, basketball and football.
  • The New @ Lyndale is facilitated for all new students to the college and supports them in their induction to life at Lyndale.
  • The Free Tutoring program runs afterschool, twice a week in the library, and provides our students with free tuition and a space to complete their homework.