Why choose Lyndale Secondary College as your place of employment?

We are committed to attracting and retaining the best possible staff. Our goal is to be an employer of choice and we believe this is achieved through the opportunities and support that we provide current and prospective staff.

A clear sense of direction and purpose has articulated our Vision, Values and Mission. This framework guides Lyndale Secondary College as a learning community that is steeped in thinking and deep understanding, that engenders respect for all its members, and that produces students ready to face the world as responsible, thinking members of a diverse society. We want the very best outcomes for our students.

When you become a teacher, you join a profession charged with the privilege of preparing young people with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to equip them for the future. This is a challenging mission, but it is one that is enacted in a professional community of practice at Lyndale Secondary College.

Exceptional Opportunities for Professional Learning

The school accepts that we have a reciprocal obligation to provide the support and professional learning to enable teachers to personalise learning for students. The opportunities for on-going professional learning provide a vibrant, stimulating and engaging environment for teachers. The following program will support your professional growth:

  • Site based professional learning program where teachers share their practice
  • Multiple sources of feedback on your teaching
  • Mentoring support for the first two years
  • Professional Learning Teams to collaborate and share practice
  • Performance and Development framework provides for regular review of individual goals and active support in their achievement
  • External high quality professional development
  • Comprehensive leadership development program and opportunities

You will be treated as a professional

Our expectations of teachers are high because we know that student learning outcomes are determined by the quality of their teachers. However we are not looking for teachers who have arrived but those who are on a learning journey – those who are open, continuous learners who want an environment that will nurture their on-going growth and development. We invite applications from teachers with all levels of experience. We are deeply committed to creating an environment that enables people to thrive in their professional practice.

Applicants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the school through the website.

Instructions for all applicants

Applicants are free to structure applications in any manner they choose, but must ensure that the following are included:

  • a specific response to all of the selection criteria and position details. It is suggested that applicants limit their response to no more than 7 pages
  • a cover sheet providing the name of the applicant and record number (where appropriate), home address and telephone number, telephone number of the school(s) or location where the applicant can be contacted, the position you are applying for and the vacancy number of the position
  • a CV with a summary of experience and qualifications
  • the names and contact details of up to three referees who can provide information regarding the applicant in relation to the key selection criteria.