Lyndale Secondary College has introduced HEADSTART, an exciting academic program that aims to meaningfully support students’ transition from one academic year to the next. This program provides educational advantage to all our students by strengthening their academic skills through the commencement of the next year’s coursework in the last few weeks of the current school year. This program involves the participation of all students from Year 7 to Year 11.

The implementation of HEADSTART will benefit Senior School students as they will be better prepared for the rigours of VCE requirements, enabling them to undertake senior studies with confidence and success. This program will also assist students in better utilising their time after the exam period and provide opportunities for subject/elective changes before the start of the new academic year. By starting next year’s coursework at the end of the current year, senior students will be better prepared to undertake independent study during the term break.

The benefits of HEADSTART for Middle School students are that students will engage with learning in a meaningful and effective way and thus be realistically prepared for the demands of the year ahead. In addition, the program will ensure a smooth transition for your child into the next year level.

As a part of the implementation of HEADSTART, the College will provide each student with their new form group allocation and timetable. Teachers have prepared coursework, learning experiences and assessment tasks that cover the requirements of the following academic year. Work begun at the commencement of the Headstart program in November of the current year will contribute to assessment and reporting for the year ahead. The College will provide appropriate resources for this program.

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