Our Arts Department is a creative and dynamic part of the Lyndale educational experience. We offer our students a wide range of Arts subjects, catering for both the Performing and Visual Arts including:

  • Art
  • Visual Communication
  • Media (Photography, Video and Media Studies)
  • Studio Arts (Fashion and Textiles)
  • Ceramics
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance

We also offer excellent extra-curricular Instrumental Music and Vocal Training Programmes.

The curriculum is both exciting and challenging for our students. Staff work very hard to develop programmes which will engage students in their learning, inspire them to think, create and reflect in new and positive ways and to see their world through a new lense. We value creative thinking, learning, positive relationships, diversity, community, friendship, collaboration and success. Our students and staff celebrate together throughout the school year, not just in class but in extra-curricular events such as the annual Arts and Technology Festival, Performing Arts Showcases, VCE Dance and Drama Performances, Middle and Senior school Arts competitions, staff/student Mural Painting activities, the annual ‘Star Search’ competition, ‘So You Think You Can Dance, Lyndale’ competition and the programme is constantly evolving!