Health and Physical Education Department

At Lyndale Secondary College we encourage students to develop their skills through our high quality Health and Physical Education teaching program. We engage students through a variety of 21st century teaching practices that promote lifelong skills to deal with the physical, mental, social and emotional changes that occur through adolescence.

Our college offers extensive learning spaces which includes a state of the art stadium (two indoor basketball courts, a weights room, a large classroom and spacious change rooms). Further to this our outdoor facilities include; two tennis courts, two basketball courts, a cricket and AFL oval and two soccer fields with an accompanying pavilion.

Our experienced staff support students in achieving their best by creating positive relationships followed by establishing learning environments that allow students to make decisions in game play or health related issues in the classroom.

Lyndale students engage in activities which develop strategic thinking and tactical knowledge to improve individual and team performance in competitive sports or games. They collaborate with team members planning strategies and practising set plays for responding to games-based tactical challenges. Our students also become ambassadors of the school with regular visits to local primary schools through our transition program. This is a great way of increasing the self-confidence and self-esteem of our student role models whilst also intergrating potential Grade 6 students to our college.

The Lyndale Health and Physical Education program emphasises not just the importance of learning, but even the greater importance of discovering how to learn, and being self-motivated to continue movement throughout their lives.