Laptop Program

Bring Your Own Device Program 

We want to take this opportunity to reinforce the College’s Bring Your Own Device Program that is compulsory for all students attending Lyndale Secondary College.

While you are able to choose the device your child/children bring to school, it has come to our attention that there are many devices that do NOT adequately support learning in the classroom.

Please be aware that:
•  MOBILE PHONES –  are not big enough for students to see content or conduct research. They cannot be used for Word Processing, Programming and Computer-Aided Design etc. and are often a huge distraction in class and are banned for Victorian State Schools from the beginning of 2020.

•  TABLETS – do not enable students to upload their work onto Compass (which is a minimum requirement), are not ideal for Word Processing and are also not compatible with many of the software programs students are required to use, including Maths Pathways, Word Flyers and Edrolo.

 LAPTOPS COMPUTERS –  enable students to readily access Compass (our student management program), use common software and create work using Microsoft Office tools (as required). Maths Pathways, Edrolo, Word Flyers, On Demand Testing and PAT tests are all compatible with laptops.

Laptop computers are recommended to support your child’s study at Lyndale Secondary College.

The College would like to make some general recommendations for buying a laptop for the program.

  • For year 7, 8 and 9 students any laptop that is small in size and relatively cheap will do, since most of the classwork will be completed using Internet resources. A laptop running Windows 7 or newer is preferred. As students move up in years to VCE levels, electives which are based on future career choices become important – for example, many senior students choose to own an Apple Mac as they are intending to pursue a career in media or the arts.
  • Do not be coerced by your child into buying a laptop that is either expensive or physically large (the “cool” factor). Smaller HP, Lenovo and Acer laptops are perfectly fine. Avoid the temptation to provide an Apple iPad – they are much less useful in a secondary school setting due to their lack of a keyboard and ability to save documents to the device or to print.
  • Many retailers such as Harvey Norman and JB Hi‐Fi have massive sales on computers after Christmas. Then is the time to strike. Begin now to gather catalogues to give you an idea of prices.
  • You do NOT need to sign up for Office 365 or buy the Microsoft Office product. This software and many, many other software titles will be provided through the Department’s “EduStar” software catalogue.
  • The Microsoft Office suite is free for all students regardless of laptop or tablet it is run on.
    A laptop that has 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 750 gigabyte hard disk is not as useful as a laptop with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 320 gigabyte hard disk. RAM is everything when assessing performance, followed by CPU ‘muscle’, battery life and finally internal disk capacity and type.
  • Make sure though that internal disk capacity is 128 gigabytes or more.
    Remember, small and light. Get a carry bag as well.


Mark Borchers
ICT Manager
Lyndale Secondary College