Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program

The Accelerated Learning Program initiative was implemented in 1996 and is part of the Lyndale Secondary College differentiated education priority which caters for all students, including those with special needs. Each year one class of students is specially selected to participate in the six year program which is designed to enhance intellectual potential and development. Accelerated courses involve a combination of a faster paced curriculum and, in particular, complex and abstract material. The acceleration process is designed to cater for the needs of the highly academically talented student.

accelerated-learningLyndale Secondary College is one of a small number of Department of Education Schools in the state which is accredited to provide Select Entry programs for gifted students. Learning is encouraged and stimulated within the classroom through a faster pace of learning with less repetition. There is much emphasis in the program on higher thought processes such as problem solving and analysis. Students are encouraged to pursue topics of interest arising from their work and have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of competitions. The program also emphasises the college’s strong belief in pastoral care and ensures that all students are effectively guided through their secondary years of schooling.

SEAL_LOGO_4COL_SMALL_FAThe Lyndale Secondary College Accelerated Learning Program also provides flexibility in the senior school by allowing additional academic credits to be achieved e.g. TAFE certification, first-year university subjects and/or providing opportunities for students to increase the range and depth of their VCE studies. In both cases, students’ Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATAR) should be enhanced to provide opportunities for higher levels of entry to tertiary studies.

Further information on the program

Lyndale Secondary College is a traditional, co-educational school with a commitment to academic excellence. The Accelerated Learning Program has been developed to better address the needs of students who demonstrate above average abilities, high levels of task commitment and greater creativity. This program has become an integral element in the school’s culture and community.

Acceleration permits students to commence a unit of work earlier or to move through a program more quickly than others according to their academic capacities. Students reach higher levels of thought processes and performance and, in doing so, they benefit intellectually, socially and emotionally from the faster pace and the challenge involved. Integrating enrichment and acceleration allows abstract and complex concepts are taught and students proceed at a more rapid pace than that of the average learner.

The Lyndale Secondary College Accelerated Learning Program aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop investigative, problem solving, analytical and creative thinking skills which will challenge and engage them in a very active style of learning.

Each May a comprehensive assessment procedure is used to select 26 gifted and talented Year 6 students to join the Program in the following year. Aptitude tests are used and the information is sought from the applicants’ classroom teachers and parents.

Students in the Program are fully immersed in the life of the college. They may be found together with other Lyndale Secondary College students – playing in the college band, editing the college newsletter or magazine, acting in college plays or on the sporting field.

Participants’ families represent a cross-section of socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Parents are strongly supportive of the program, reporting great satisfaction in their children’s intellectual and social development.

Students enter the program in Year 7. Their curriculum in the first 3 years is accelerated across those key learning areas where higher cognitive skills allow rapid advancement. English, Mathematics Science and Humanities are accelerated subjects. Approximately half the week’s class work is undertaken in age peer (non-accelerated) studies which include Technology, Personal Development, Arts, Languages and Sport.
Although accelerated the Lyndale Secondary College program is fully sequential with no grade skipping. It is comprehensive providing acceleration across a range of subjects. It provides each participant with a supportive peer group environment rather than offering acceleration through withdrawal from the classroom.

As well as being accelerated, the curriculum is enriched by the inclusion of additional material. Students take extra VCE studies, completing a number of units even before they fully join the Year 11 VCE stream. The Accelerated Learning Program is intended to provide maximum flexibility in the senior school by allowing additional academic credits to be achieved through TAFE certification, first-year university subjects and/or providing opportunities for students to increase the range and depth of their VCE studies. In those cases students’ Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) should be enhanced by bonus points to provide opportunities for higher level acceptance to tertiary studies.

Participating students benefit from working with children of similar ability, who have all been accelerated. They develop into well organised and happy young adults.

Academically, the Accelerated Learning Program gives these children something more valuable than knowledge alone – it gives them an enthusiasm for learning.

Application Details (2022)

The Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program participants are selected on the basis of written tests in Reading and Language, Writing and Mathematics and a student achievement profile. Please print and fill out.

SEAL Information 2022 (Notice to Grade 6 Parents)

SEAL Application Form 2022

SEAL Application Closing Date: Friday 16th April, 2021

SEAL Entrance Exam: Saturday 12th June, 2021

Application forms for the 2022 Lyndale Secondary College SEAL and STEM Programs and the Lyndale Secondary College Scholarships will be available on our website by the end of Term 1.

As a result of these assessments, students will be offered places in the 2022 Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program. This test will also be used to decide Academic Scholarship winners as described on a separate application form.

  • Further information about the program is available from:

Tyler Kendall

The Accelerated Learning Program Coordinator

Lyndale Secondary College

Gladstone Road, North Dandenong, 3175
Telephone (03) 9795 2366

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