University Extension Studies Program

The University Extension Studies Program provides the opportunity for our very able students to extend their learning in a particular subject area by completing the first year of a university subject as part of their Year 12 program.

Students complete their university extension study by attending classes at a variety of university campuses. Classes are held in the afternoon or after school hours for one to three hours per week for normally two 13 week semesters. Alternatively, students may complete their extension study without attending classes by studying via distance education.

Lyndale Secondary College teachers will provide support to Extension Studies students in a mentoring role. The program is endorsed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). If a student successfully completes the program and meets the VCAA eligibility guidelines, the university study can be counted as the student’s sixth VCE study and can be included in the calculation of the student’s ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank). The university study will also count towards the student’s future university degree.

Lyndale Secondary College aims to maximise the learning experience of their very able students whose needs may not otherwise be met by the normal VCE program. Along with the intellectual benefits gained by the students through further extension in a particular subject area, students are also able to gain an insight into the demands of university study. We believe this may later assist students in what is often a difficult transition from school to full-time university study. Students who have successfully completed University Extension Studies will be placed in a special category by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Commission (VTAC). This will highlight to university selection officers that the students have undertaken tertiary level studies in addition to their VCE studies.