Science Week at Lyndale

Fun activities ran all throughout Science Week.  Monday saw Mr Born ‘snap freezing’ everything in sight (flowers, erasers, lollies!) with liquid nitrogen.  The students blended custard and mint chocolates and used the liquid nitrogen to whip up some yummy ‘instant ice cream’ as well.

On Tuesday, a Science Kahoot quiz ran at lunchtime and students battled it out using their scientific knowledge. Well done to the winners across the year levels.

Budding engineers had their turn on Wednesday as they competed to make the best paper plane. The winning plane made by Pranay travelled over 19 m!

On Friday, The Great Science Cake Bake-Off was hotly contested – we had some amazing entries from both staff and students.

This year the theme was ‘Space’ in honour of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing and the winning cakes embraced this theme with gusto, as can be seen in the photos.  Prize winners are listed below, but we want to thank each and every baker who contributed to the competition – what a fabulous effort!  Thanks, too, to those who generously shared their delicious cakes with everyone.

  • 1st prize – Shraddha, Suha, Rivindi, Ayesha and Hitanshi
  • 2nd prize – Armin, Tanveer, Sara and Lakshethaa
  • 3rd prize – Dulara Dharmawansa
  • 1st prize (Staff) – Gayana Weerasinghe
  • 2nd prize (Staff) – Adelaide Sii

Friday was also Jeans for Genes Day and a number of students and staff supported this worthy cause by wearing their jeans to school and donating a gold coin towards genetic research into children’s genetic disorders. The school raised a total of $150 which will be gratefully received by the Children’s Medical Research Institute. A big thank you to everyone who participated.