Women in Aviation Conference

As part of the Annual Women in Aviation Conference, forty- two girls attended the event to find out about various roles in aviation and the journeys of presenters into a variety of roles within the aviation industry.  Our students were a strong presence at the conference and interacted with pilots, aviation lawyers, aerospace engineers amongst others asking fantastic questions and interacting with members of the panel.

Interview with Girls in Aviation (Zaryab, Fatima, Oummi, Rabia, Sarah & Danya)

Q: What inspired you to attend the Women in Aviation Conference 2019?

Z: The fact that you are able to listen to stories and the experiences of other people who work in this industry

Q:  What was the most interesting part of your day?

F: The food and when we got to speak to lots of different people in Aviation and ask questions about their careers & journeys.

Q: Do you see a future in the Aviation Industry and why?

R: Of course I see myself in the Aviation industry because it’s challenging and I’m always up for challenges.  To see how many opportunities there are in the aviation industry and how to get my Pilot’s licence because I’ve always wanted to travel the world!

Q: Why do you think it’s important to empower women in the aviation industry?

O:It is a male-dominated industry which is why it is important for women to be empowered so that they can gain the confidence to pursue their dreams in Aviation.