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What is COMPASS School Manager?

All parents, guardians, students and teachers in the Lyndale Secondary College community have a personal secure online Lyndale COMPASS account. By regularly logging in to COMPASS you will be kept well informed about what is happening at Lyndale including information specific to your child.

We recommend you check your COMPASS portal once per day so that you do not miss any important information.

By logging in to their portal parents will be able to:

To access the secure COMPASS portal go to 

The school will provide parents with their personal login details. On their first login parents are required to verify their details and to change the password provided. Parents should not share their login details with anyone. This includes their own children, who are issued with their own login.

Need help with COMPASS?

If your child is newly enrolled you will be provided with your COMPASS login details. Parents and guardians who have any questions or require technical support accessing COMPASS should contact the school on (03) 9795 2366.

We highly encourage parents and guardians to take the time to become familiar with the interface. Parents, students and teachers can all access different features that are appropriate for them. Ask your child to show you what their COMPASS interface looks like. Also, on the top right hand of your screen, you will see a “cog” icon. Clicking this icon will give you access to a HELP section. 

HOW TO help guides are published periodically through COMPASS and will appear in your newsfeed at appropriate times throughout the year. You can read these online or download them to your computer.