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Lyndale Secondary College Student Uniform Policy/Dress Code

The uniform is supplied by Primary School Wear (PSW) who carry a list detailing all aspects of the uniform requirements (uniform price list is able to be collected at front office of School). The School Council asks that you support the School uniform policy from the time your child leaves home to their return.


To assist with providing a safe environment for students both within the school as well as on excursions, all students must wear the approved College uniform. The reason for this is that it makes it possible to readily identify our students as well as those who are not part of our community and to enable them to safely participate in College activities.

The correct wearing of uniform also adds to the students’ sense of belonging to the college community and encourages the students to develop a sense of pride in the school.

When all students wear the College uniform it promotes the development of a sense of egalitarianism, so that all students can feel equal within the College. The provision of a College uniform also makes it cheaper for parents to provide appropriate and durable clothing for their children to wear to school.


In line with the rationale outlined above, the only items of jewellery which may be worn with the College uniform are:

The College reserves the right to require students to remove watches, badges or studs in circumstances where there is a perceived health or safety risk. Where jewellery has been confiscated, students will be required to retrieve it from the Level co-ordinators office at the end of the school day.


Cosmetic make-up including nail polish and acrylic nails are not part of College uniform. Students wearing cosmetic make-up will be required to remove it.