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A Brief History of Lyndale High School/Secondary College

Lyndale High School began operation on the 8th of February 1961. The 44 foundation students (32 girls and 12 boys) started the school year based in the girls’ gymnasium at Dandenong High School. Mr Godfrey Monroe (the inaugural Principal) and three staff members had to between them, teach the full curriculum. Three weeks later the staff moved to two portable classrooms at the back of Dandenong Girls School.

Building at the current site began on 24th March 1961 and a little over seven months later on Wednesday 8th November staff and students moved into their new school. Thirty-eight separate rooms existed for only 43 students. This is a very different to the situation today with over 900 students now at the College.

Many of the traditions that have characterised Lyndale throughout its history emerged in the early years. Boys and girls team were victorious in inter school sport. A choir was formed and the first dramatic production staged “Tom Sawyer”.

It is clear that despite early challenges it was a remarkably successful beginning. The school’s identity and a strong sense of community were established and a vibrant program of sport, music and community service was created; all features that continue at Lyndale to this day.