Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School at Lyndale Secondary College

Middle School : The foundation years

At Lyndale Secondary College we believe the middle school, years 7 – 9, are the foundation years of secondary education. We want to strive to encourage the importance to all families that the college works cooperatively to establish the best learning outcomes, effective work habits and good citizenship for every student at the College. The program delivered to our students in Middle School is built on the consolidation and establishment of basic literacy and numeracy skills and most importantly provides the opportunity for students to experience a broad curriculum that will enable informed choices to be made for their senior school years (Years 10-12).

We encourage all our students in the middle school to embrace the opportunities that the middle years bring. In Years 7 to 9 your child will be guided and supported in the development of critical and creative thinking skills, positive study habits, and the ability to work productively in class and manage time effectively to meet deadlines. We believe these skills will prepare students for the increased workload of the senior school. Wearing of the appropriate Lyndale school uniform and complying with the student code of conduct provides a sense of equality and belonging to the college and is something we strongly promote. As students develop new friendships they may want to become more involved in the college by taking an interest in a range of co-curricular activities Lyndale has to offer such as sport, drama, instrumental music, camps or take up student leadership opportunities such as House Captain or as a member of the SRC.

The Middle School Coordinators have a very important role in the daily management of our Year 7-9 students and are available to help and support students with problems that they may experience such as difficulties with class work, homework, absences or personal relationships. The Middle School Coordinators’ office is located in the B corridor.