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Term 4 Week 4 News & Announcements

Year 7 Regional Boys Table Tennis

Today we had our year 7 Boys Table Tennis Team compete in the regional tournament. They have been training incredibly hard all term during their lunch breaks. They finished up in place second for their pool, loosing only 1 game all day – which resulted in them just missing out on the final! Congratulations boys!

Out of Bounds areas whilst VCE Exams are taking place

Dear students,

To prevent noise disruption during sittings of year 12 Exams there will be some restrictions in the areas that can be accessed during recess and lunchtime. 

Tennis courts and the grassed area between the Basketball courts and the stadium will be out of action from – Thursday 27/10 – Monday 31/10 due to exams taking place in the Stadium.

The covered area behind the old canteen will be out of action from Wednesday 2/11 – Wednesday 16/11 due to exams taking place in the B building.

If you are scheduled to have a class in these areas please ensure you check compass for room changes. Thankyou in advance for your cooperation in ensuring students have the best environment to complete their exams.

Best Wishes for Exams

Dear Y 12 VCEs,
It has been great to see so many of you working hard at school with your teachers and tutors during the study break. Your work ethic and motivation are impressive. All the staff and your juniors are wishing you all the very best. Tomorrow all that hard work will stand by you. So now it is very important to be calm, confident, and focused.
Cannot help giving you a few reminders on exam strategies:

  • Read your questions/topics carefully
  • Make sure your responses and solutions are direct, clear, and relevant – communicate your understanding.
  • Maintain your concentration – don’t waste a second.
  • Complete the questions you can do easiest first – that is the way to save time and build confidence.
  • Be time disciplined – equal marks, equal time. Keep moving on to complete the paper.
  • Check over your paper for any missed questions before the end of the exam

Don’t forget to check your Navigator for equipment requirements for each of your exams. Remember to follow the exam instructions – writing in blue or black pen only in English for example. Tomorrow don’t forget your English dictionary for English or your Bi-lingual dictionary for EAL.
You have all been successful with your school-based-assessment. And your school wishes you all the success you deserve in these coming exams. Success is achieving your best, and we know you can do it – best of luck.

REMINDER: Early dismissal Monday 31st October

REMINDER: There is an early dismissal for all students on Monday 31st October to allow for staff planning. All students will be dismissed at 1:50pm.