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Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School at Lyndale Secondary College

Senior School : Transition to the final stage

Becoming part of the Senior School at Lyndale is a very significant milestone in the journey our students take toward the completion of their secondary schooling. Students look forward eagerly to this step into a new stage of their personal development and their learning. Given the importance and the tremendous possibilities each student encounters in this transition, the Senior School philosophy of education at Lyndale emphasises and celebrates the young person’s social development, evolving vocational orientation and growing independence, both as a learner and as an individual

A holistic approach is the key to creating and sustaining the positive climate such development needs. That is why, at this stage of our students’ progress, Senior School co-ordination works very closely with classroom teachers, careers and wellbeing counsellors and parents to ensure that the needs of each student are understood. This needs-based, developmental approach is essential to the implementation of Lyndale’s vision. Our vision commits the college to supporting the growth of all students so that they can make personally appropriate pathway choices as they transition into and through Years 10, 11 and 12.

In alignment with our vision is the focus we give at all levels of the school to student voice and leadership. Wonderful opportunities for developing leadership are provided to students throughout the Middle School years. And the personal development this generates is built upon and extended in the Senior School years. Three tiers of leadership positions – College Captains, extra- curricular program captains and form Captains – provide ample opportunities for students to challenge themselves and experience growing confidence by applying for positions, taking interviews and engaging in the democratic process of gaining election by their peers and staff. Further leadership opportunities are provided by joining the SRC and participating as organisers in teams that form to implement fund raising projects and a wide range of cultural and sporting activities

Over the course of Years 10 – 12, the students of Lyndale will:

Striving for academic excellence is vigorously promoted at the senior school level. Able students are encouraged to take a year 12, Unit 3/4 study in year 11. This option allows students to experience the demands of year 12 early and positions them to take advantage, for their ATAR, of completing six year 12 subjects within their VCE. For their year 12 course of study, some students enrol in a first year university degree subject at the University of Melbourne or Monash University. Another option involves taking a VET/TAFE certificate course up to senior level as part of their two-year VCE program.

In the Senior School, our students continue to be fostered in their social development through the work of the Student Engagement team and its implementation of the College’s Supportive Relationship policy and its Intercultural Understanding program. Resilience through connectedness to school, engagement with learning and growing confidence and competence is the rationale of the approach that is taken to the emerging adulthood of our students at this level.

Bill Hollingworth
Senior Sub-school Leader/VCE Co-ordinator