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The transition from primary to secondary education can be seen as a very daunting experience – both for students and parents! Therefore it is imperative that the transition between the two is as smooth as possible. Lyndale Secondary College prides itself on creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all of the students. The Year 7 teachers are carefully selected and not only focus on the class, but the individual student. These teachers will also help your child on a daily basis from navigating around the school to any questions they may have.

Lyndale Secondary College has a range of activities for students to be involved in at Year 7. Some including the Year 7 Dance Club, Active Girl’s Club, Sporting Teams and Chess Club; just to name a few. The College has a Year 7 Student, Parent Insight program to explain the following at Lyndale:

Lyndale Secondary College is an assured choice for your child’s further education. The College values and respects each and every student, as it is a student’s right to feel safe and comfortable at school.